The international research environment at the School of Electrical Engineering fosters basic research as well as the development of the latest technologies, providing top-quality engineering education for both Finnish and international students.

The School's five departments cover the fields of electronics, communications and automation. Special fields include automation and systems technology, electronics and information technology, power engineering, communications engineering and bioinformation technology.

The high-quality research profile of the School seeks to promote improvements in the efficiency of power transmission, distribution and consumption; to develop electronics to further wellbeing and healthcare in society; and to accelerate and optimize wireless data transfer. It also focuses on developing technologies for the future internet as well as building intelligent robots for research and application purposes.

The School of Electrical Engineering has state-of-the-art research facilities, such as Metsähovi Radio Observatory, a high voltage laboratory, and the Finnish National Standards Laboratory for optical quantities. The Micronova Centre for Micro- and Nanotechnology has the largest cleanroom facilities in the Nordic countries.

The novel research results and systems solutions require committed researchers, hard-working students, modern research infrastructure, and an excellent support organization. Our international and close-knit community is one of our strengths.


R&D services at Micronova

Calibration services

  • The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics offers calibration services. More information

Testing and measuring services

  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation provides testing services in their laboratory or on-site for needs of  manufacturers, importers and users of high-voltage electrical equipment. More information


The publications databases are maintained by the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus Library. They contain information about activities at the Aalto University's schools of technology and publications in the field of technology.

Research registers

More information about the publications of each department or faculty member can be found on departments' websites.



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